About me

Freelance photojournalist and editor

Currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in English, I’m collaborating with four press photo agencies (Hans Lucas, NurPhoto, SIPA and Zuma).

Thanks to these agencies, my work can be available on Getty Images, AFP, Reuters, DPA, Belga, Pixpalace, Kyodo, AP, Forum, Shutterstock… I am published daily on international media outlets.

I’m also a freelance editor for two media, Cerfia and Adologala (a Greek media), for which I contribute as French correspondent. I’ve also been writing for a regional newspaper (La Montagne).


2022 : « Coup de cœur » award by the ANI (National Association of Iconographs), at Visa pour l’Image festival with my series « Ad vitam aeternam »


Bachelor’s degree in English
(2020 – 2023)

Studies of English language in general (phonetic, grammar, oral language, translation…)
Studies of the history and civilization of English-speaking countries
Learning of a second language (in my case, Polish)
Introduction to specialized digital tools

APJ training
(Sep 2021 – 2022)

Follow-up of a professional training in photojournalism, with
Agence Presse Jeunes (APJ)
In partnership with Hans Lucas agency

Szkoła języka i kultury polskiej
(Aug 2021)

A1 level reached at the end of August
Discovery of Polish culture, literature, history, phonetics, grammar
Continuation to university at level B1

(Sep 2017 – 2020)

Obtaining of my baccalaureate with honours
English and cinema-audiovisual specialized teaching


Photojournalist – SIPA Press
(Jul 2022 – present)

More than 10 000 pictures are distributed each day in more than 40 countries
The agency has close links with the mythic agency Associated Press (AP)

Freelance web editor – Cerfia
(May 2022 – present)

Writing of articles on different topics (politics, international and national news…) within this editorial staff, composed mainly of students (all volunteers), on their website
400K+ followers on the Twitter account

Photojournalist – ZUMA Press
(Apr 2022 – present)

Press photo agency based in California, US, which gathers hundreds of photographers around the world
Publications in The Times, The Guardian, La Razon…

Press correspondent – La Montagne
(Nov 2021 – present)

Writing of weekly articles covering the metropolis of Clermont-Ferrand (+35 000 students)
Realization of reports, interviews, portraits…
Released in the print and web versions

Photojournalist – Hans Lucas/APJ
(Sep 2021 – present)

Covering of social issues, cultural and political events, daily life…
Collaboration with AFP, Reuters, DPA, Belga… and with the agency’s 1 300 clients
Publications in Le Figaro, Libération, CNN, Le Parisien, L’Obs, L’Humanité, Le Temps, La Croix…
Professional training in photojournalism with APJ
Presentation a personal photo series at the « Visa pour l’Image » photojournalism festival in Perpignan, in August 2022

Photojournalist – NurPhoto
(Jun 2021 – present)

Through NurPhoto, I contribute to Getty, Imago, Shutterstock…
Publications in Le Figaro, La Sexta, France Info…

Web newsroom supervisor – HOP L’Info
(Apr 2021 – May 2022)

Supervision of the editorial team
Monitoring (content and statistics) of competitors and news
Publication of articles on various topics

Photojournalist – NurPhoto
(Jun 2021 – present)

Through NurPhoto, I contribute to Getty, Imago, Shutterstock…
Publications in Le Figaro, La Sexta, France Info…

Freelance editor – Adologala
(May 2021 – present)

Writing of articles in English for this Greek-based media dealing with national and international news, reporting from France

Frelance editor/Community Manager – Mediavenir
(Oct 2020 – April 2021)

Writing of 24/7 newsflashes for the Twitter account (1M+ followers)
Writing of articles for the website
Competitor and news monitoring
Realization of photoreports
Realization of an interview in Paris (with Pierre-Jean

Digital colorist – World War Era/TimeGhost/Historica Cards
(Nov 2019 – present)

Colorization of historical photographs for these three
companies (YouTube channels, board game maker)

Photographer – MUN
(May 2019)

Photograph among the « press team » of the MUN (Model United Nations) organized by my former high school
Two days of debates built in the same way as the UN sessions

Photographer – SDIS 69
(Jun 2018 – July 2020)

Realization of the annual and traditional firemen’s calendar, for my local fire station

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