« Ad vitam aeternam »

One year after the publication of the « Sauvé » report, what does it mean to be a student in a seminary? Does consecrating one’s life to God have the same meaning as before? At Notre-Dame-de-L’Espérance Seminary in Orleans, we immerse ourselves in the daily life of Maxence Caputo, 34, to document his personal and spiritual journey. 

This series was awarded a « coup de cœur » by the ANI (Association Nationale des Iconographes), at the Visa pour l’Image festival in Perpignan.

Nice, May 2022. A woman leaves the Orthodox cathedral
Clermont-Ferrand, June 2022. A man takes a selfie in the cathedral
Cours, January 2022. Inside a small church
Nice, May 2022. A woman reads a religious book in the Orthodox cathedral
Clermont-Ferrand, October 2021. A man prays inside the cathedral
Orléans, June 2022. Priests and bishops walking

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